College Film & Media Studies is a reference guide – written by college students for college students.  You will find reference pages on all the elements of film form – from mise-en-scène to cinematography, editing, and sound as well as observations on new media and film analysis papers.

Contributions by students at Colgate University, New York University, and Stanford University.

Edited by Inga Pierson – Ph.D. in Italian Studies and Film Studies (NYU) and Lecturer in the Humanities at Stanford University (

We welcome comments, ideas and new submissions!

Class visit to the Broadcast show, Picker Art Gallery, Colgate University, Feb 2010
Class dinner at San Marzano, Colgate FMST NYC field trip, April 2010
Class dinner, NYC field trip, April 2010
Jimmy Andretta and Trey Hunsucker spinning, Gregory Green’s Pirate Radio Installation, Broadcast show, Feb 2010
Class dinner, NYC field trip

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