Sia’s music video for “Clap Your Hands” from her upcoming album, “We Are Born”, is odd to say the least. Sia’s typical quirkiness and creativity can be seen through the video, which resembles a child’s art project. Sia’s head is placed on top of various puppets, which take the form of a dancer, a koala bear, a construction worker, and possibly a bird (it’s kind of difficult to tell). This reminiscence of the Muppets and Gumby, is partly creepy and partly nostalgic for me. The crazy puppet costumes, paired with the happy, soft-electronic pop music oddly enough create an exciting, upbeat video. It is difficult to connect the different segments of the music video, as they all seem unusual and unrelated, and even more challenging to determine the meaning of it. The segment where one of the puppets seems to die and turn into a frog hopping from one lily pad to the next confused me most, as I cannot figure out if there is any particular meaning behind that. I also found the main puppet, with long pink hair holding onto a flag and seemingly humping it, odd and confusing. The video caught my eye as it is definitely original, to say the least.

It is interesting to me how in a time when everything is electronically enhanced and technologically savvy, Sia has decided to stick to a simple-looking, aesthetically odd video, that totally goes against the grain of modern society. I suppose the fact that her face is placed on these odd play dough-looking bodies requires modern technology, but the way it comes across to the viewer is not in a particularly modern fashion. Compared to most music videos out there, Sia’s is largely different as well as typical of her peculiar style in today’s technology driven society.

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