The Raven

This futuristic, sci-fi, film is based in an alternate Los Angeles and follows a chase between the highly advanced LAPD chasing a man known as the Raven. The film uses a brilliant combination of devices to bring a surreal, futuristic feel to the short film by director Ricardo de Montreuil. The first element that brings the film to the life is the music. Creepy progressions in the music cast a feeling of uncertainty and magic over the film. Directly at the beginning, a strange chord is struck leaving the audience wary and worried about the main character’s safety. The use of extreme close-ups on the Raven’s face also connect the viewer to the film. As he is being chased, frequently the director chooses to zoom in on his concerned expression. As the viewer notices his true fear, determination, and effort you almost feel like you too are being chased by this elite force. Also, the ominous cuts to an unknown floating craft above the city give the viewer a sense that this is the “mother” ship of the police force. In perhaps the most poignant moment of the film the police ask the Raven to come out with his hands interlaced behind his head. The camera cuts to a close up of his face as he exclaims “Whyyyy!”. This lets the viewer know that this police force is oppressive and overpowered. Plus they had just killed a homeless man for literally no reason. Overall, this is a very well done short film that is able to accomplish a lot in a short time because it brilliantly uses many devices to get its point across.